Facebook Login Issues

What can't I login with Facebook?

Facebook have increased the level of verification required to use them as a login provider.

Our application for verification has been pending for a month now, and a deadline for Facebook login review has now passed.

We have been putting in every effort to try to progress this issue with Facebook but have had no success

When will this be resolved?

We don't have a clear idea when we might be able to restore Facebook login.

We hope that it may only be a few more days, but there are instances where this process has taken several months or more

How can I access my fantasy teams?

There are two ways that you can get access to your existing account

I can login with Google or Reddit

If you can login with a different login method, and you can identify your old account, we can transfer access to those teams to your new account.

By default, these accounts won't know anything about each other and won't automatically be linked, but we do have the capability to do that manually.

Go to our Facebook page and message us saying that you want to merge your accounts and we will take the steps to manually do that for you.

I don't have an alternate login method

For users that don't have an alternative login method, our current solution is to add them as test users

To do this, you will need to activate your Facebook developer account at which is free

Then message us through our Facebook page and we will organise to get you set up as a test user, which will give you access through the existing facebook login processs

This completely sucks!

Yeah it does. We have been trying our best to avoid it but dealing with Facebook is very difficult.

We are devastated by the impact that this will have to users.