Points Scoring

Batting Points

  1. Runs:

    1 point per run.

  2. Runs Bonus:

    5 points for 25, 10 more points for reaching 50, 15 more points for reaching 75, and so on.

  3. Strike Rate:

    Number of runs - Half the number of balls faced. Halved if negative.

  4. Boundaries:

    One point per four. Three points per six.

  5. Duck:

    Minus twenty for getting out for a duck.

Bowling Points

  1. Wickets:

    25 points per wicket.

  2. Economy Rate:

    Number of balls bowled - Half the number of runs conceded. Doubled if positive.

  3. Strike Rate:

    A 5% wicket bonus for a strike rate of 60 balls per wicket, and an additional 5% wicket bonus for every 6 balls below a strike rate of 60 balls per wicket)

  4. Maidens:

    1 point for a maiden over.

Fielding Points

  1. Catches:

    15 points

  2. Run Outs:

    15 points

  3. Stumpings:

    20 points

League Rules


In between rounds, team owners are allowed to completed a limited number of trades. You will only be able to complete your trades if you have enough money. You have 28 trades to use over the whole 15 round season, with a limit of 4 trades in a single round. You do not earn additional trades through the season, so once they are gone, they are gone! Note that you can make an unlimited number of changes up until the start of the competition


You are able to select a Captain who will earn you double points. You can do this by clicking the 'C' button on a player in your starting XI If you don't select a Captain, nothing bad will happen, you just miss out on the opportunity for extra points. If your captain scores a negative points, that will still be doubled.


You have an extra player per playing position, who will act as an emergency if a player in your starting XI for that position doesn't play. The emergency players points will only count to your score after a player in that position has not played in all their teams matches for that round. Players that are listed in the team when the game starts will count, even if they score 0 points or they never get the chance to take to the field due to rain, so long as a ball has been bowled in that match. If a game is abandoned before the toss or before a ball has been bowled, those players are not considered to have played a game.

Price Changes

Players will have their price adjusted after they have played 3 games. A player can have more than one price adjustment if they play more than one game in a round.

League Structure

Each round you will play head-to-head against another team in your League, with teams ranked on a ladder based off those results. League Owners have control over the structure of the league, the number of teams allowed, what round it starts and if it has finals or not.


You get 4 points for a win, 2 for a draw, and no points for a loss. Teams are then ordered by most points, then by percentage (points scored in matches as a percentage of points conceded)


Game fixtures are highly likely to change due to covid restrictions. Games may be cancelled or postponed Matches may change rounds without notice and total number of rounds may change. Attempts will be made to try and ensure a fair fixture, but it won't always be possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

I Don't have a Facebook/Google/Reddit Account. Can I log in some other way?

While I am open to other social media login methods, none are currently planned. I don't plan to implement a Username/Password system.

I don't want my name to show in the League or Stats page

In the menu, go to User then Settings. There is an option there to hide your name.

Why do all the game times all look wrong? or I moved location but need to update my timezone

I do my best to automatically detect your timezone when you first login. However you can change your timezone via your User Settings. In the menu, go to User then Settings. There is an option there to select your timezone.

Is Damian Barrett really a respected AFL journalist?

No, he is really just a glorified shitposter.